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2015 5.00

Curated by Pauline Autet, Catherine Hunt, Noelia Portela
Texts by Gabrielle Amodeo, Matilda Fraser, Peyton Sweeney
Design: Emma Ng
Edition of 60
ISBN: 978-0-473-32746-0

Exhibition catalogue for the group exhibition CONCOCTION: an experimental collaboration between food and art (6-14 December 2014, 17 Whitmore St, Wellington)

The exhibition included the designers David Aravena and Chris Winwood, Matt Fanning, Tim Larkin, Ducan Sargent and Derek Winwood, artists Cedric J. Barford, Riah King-Wall, Samin Son and Kathryn Tulloch, and chefs Maria Hunt and Amber Sturtz.

Published by Elbowroom with support from Enjoy Gallery


Soft cover, 145 x 200 mm