Enjoy Public Art Gallery


Submitting Proposals

Our annual call for 2017 proposals is now closed.

Applications for our 2018 exhibition programme will be called for in July/August of this year. 

For information on upcoming exhibitions, public programmes, workshops and other opportunities, sign up to our mailing list or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

For further details about the gallery and tips from the WCC on how to write a proposal, see below:

Use Enjoy for an Event, Launch, or for Documenting a Project

We love our beautiful gallery space and the stunning backdrop it provides for the work we show. We welcome students and other practitioners to come and use the gallery to take documentation of their projects for University submissions or portfolio work.

Availability is dependent on our exhibition programme and we ask for a small donation to help support the gallery.

Email Louise at comms@enjoy.org.nz for more information.


Enjoy has a talented community of volunteers, and we're always looking for new and dedicated people to become involved. Our volunteers all need to be comfortable ‘gallery sitting’ which requires a small amount of reading about our current show and welcoming and talking to visitors as they come through.

Beyond this we are interested in supporting volunteers in developing their skills and learning new ones specific to their areas of interest within Enjoy’s scope. This can include photography, film, graphic design, publication design, marketing and media, archiving, and curatorial and programme research.

To apply, email your application to Louise at comms@enjoy.org.nz

Please note this position is only offered to people over the age of 18. 


Enjoy's Internship Programme provides opportunities for tertiary students, arts professionals, writers and publishers to work in a critically engaged, grassroots NZ arts organisation.

Our internships are based around projects in the gallery. Sometimes we advertise a project publicly, sometimes we select someone from our volunteers base, and sometimes interns approach us with a project they are interested in working on.

All of our Internship and Volunteer positions are unpaid, but our staff and trust do our best to ensure the time you spend with us is valuable to you. If you're interested, please download the form below and drop it by the gallery, or contact Louise at comms@enjoy.org.nz. with any questions.