Once there were no windows

27 Jul – 30 Jul

Anniversary Exhibition

On June 5, 2000 the windows were removed and the doors of an upstairs room at 174 Cuba St were opened for the first exhibition of Enjoy Gallery. 


Sixteen years on and two hundred and seventy-nine exhibitions later, Enjoy Public Art Gallery is turning sweet sixteen. To celebrate the occasion, we are turning to our archives, looking back through the exhibitions, publications, and people who have made this occasion possible.

“I remember the first Enjoy Shows; the windows removed, the outside winter air whistling between the gallery walls. That was good. Kind of dangerous, oooh revolution in the air”

Stuart Shepherd, “Five Years of Joy,” in Enjoy Five Year Retrospective Catalogue, ed. Melanie Hogg. (Wellington: Enjoy Public Art Gallery, 2005), 21.