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Image: Lin Tzu Huan, The Yellow Snake is Waiting, 2018, single channel moving image, digital still.

Image: Lin Tzu Huan, The Yellow Snake is Waiting, 2018, single channel moving image, digital still.

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8 Nov – 8 Dec

Taipei Contemporary Art Center

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Opening 5:30 p.m. Wednesday 7 November

As part of an exchange with Enjoy, Taipei Contemporary Art Center have developed an installation ahead of their visit to Wellington in late November. This “primer” begins to unpack some of the social, political and artistic ambitions of TCAC and asks Enjoy’s audience a series of open-ended questions, in order to prompt reflection and discussion in subsequent events and programmes.

Visitors are invited to fill out a form responding to these questions and pin it to a noticeboard in the gallery. Throughout Part 1, these responses will be available to read and compare. During Part 2, these responses will form a broad basis of a follow-up conversation led by TCAC curator Bochun Hsaio and TCAC board member and curator of the Hong-Gah Museum Frankie Su. 

An online version of the form is available here.


It follows screening programme curated by Shih-yu Hsu, featuring moving image work by Chia-Wei Hsu, Liu Yu, Kuo Yu-Ping, Tzu-Huan Lin and Wang Shao-Gang.

Preview with Q & A session with TCAC curator Bochun Hsaio 6:00 p.m. Wednesday 28 November

Human perception is mediated through an awareness of our architectural surroundings. Only the feeling of the present moment can be sensed. The recollection of the past has to be extracted and rebuilt in memories. Memories are invisible and intangible, yet no one doubts their existence. They are like ghosts, following us wherever we go and hiding themselves under skins, in buildings, or perhaps residing in the cyber geometry. This exhibition features five Taiwanese artists born after 1980, into a time of drastic political and economic change in Taiwan. This selection of moving-image works traces the eerie side of the history of the island—at the same time disorienting us with a vision of a parallel narrative that is untold yet haunting.


Please note the screening is approximately 54 mins in duration and will begin on the hour at Enjoy during open hours 29 November–8 December 2018 (i.e. 11:00 a.m., 12 noon, 1:00 p.m.... every day).


This exchange between TCAC and Enjoy has been developed with the support of the Asia New Zealand Foundation, the National Culture and Arts Foundation, Taiwan and Creative New Zealand’s New Work to Asia Fund.

Image: Lin Tzu Huan, The Yellow Snake is Waiting, 2018, single channel moving image, digital still.


Founded in February 2010, Taipei Contemporary Art Center (TCAC) is an independent art space established by Taiwanese artists, curators, critics, writers, scholars and cultural researchers. TCAC aims to provide an open platform to present, exchange, create and share. As an organization, it embraces aesthetic expressions, which test institutional conditions and values beyond market forces and individualism. 

The core value and mission of TCAC is to create critical public sphere, promote international exchange and provide diverse art experiment possibilities and learning programs. TCAC investigates the practice of conceptual institution and organization through reflecting the critical paradigms of the cultural environment, and respond to the needs and desires of the local community to explore cross field and cross cultural exchanges.

Wednesday to Friday 11am-6pm, Saturday 11am-4pm