Exhibition 2010

Enjoy Recipes Illustrated

The Enjoy Trust presents

Exhibition 2017

Trust us

Enjoy Summer Residency

Exhibition 2003


Blue Oyster Export/Import Company

Exhibition 2001

Enjoy Collaboration

This work involved two cotton threads running from the windows of the gallery and across to adjac...

Exhibition 2015

Enjoy Feminisms

An Enjoy Trust project

Exhibition 2007


Summer Residency

Exhibition 2014


An Enjoy Trust project

Exhibition 2010


Enjoy is pleased to present Mall, a series of recent works on paper by Ruth Cleland. The series d...

Exhibition 2008

Go slowly (Never completely still)

Summer Residency

Exhibition 2013


An Enjoy Trust project

Exhibition 2016

Gardens against the sun

An Enjoy Trust Project

Exhibition 2018

Heart of Glass

Heart of Glass is a collaborative project by Isabella Dampney and Theo Macdonald that plays betwe...

Exhibition 2007

Fronting Up

A Show of Performance for Video

Exhibition 2009

Role. Play

All in different stages of their careers, Lynn, Walker and Sklenars' individual practices deal wi...

Exhibition 2017

Untitled Examination Project

As a constructed space, the exam room is exhausting in its banality. Stripped bare of any visual ...

Exhibition 2013

Emic Etic?

"It is impossible to say what an individual is doing unless we have tacitly accepted the essent...

Exhibition 2014

Gleaners' Garden

Summer Residency

Exhibition 2012


...sometimes the alphabet is ABJFHaaaGiLNrstyYCDETCF......and sometimes you get Nat, Lisa and Gar...