Untitled Examination Project

Callum Devlin

6 Sep – 23 Sep

As a constructed space, the exam room is exhausting in its banality. Stripped bare of any visual information or distractions, it operates as a collectively occupied void—a battleground for the interrogation of memory, an exercise in justification and communication. 


Indecent Literature

Robbie Handcock

1 Jun – 24 Jun

Beginning with film stills and photographs from 1970s gay cinema and print erotica, Robbie Handcock’s paintings explore historic depictions of gay sexuality in order to consider contemporary queer existence. Indecent Literature comprises a suite of works that revisit canonical North American examples of gay media including the film Pink Narcissus (1971) by James Bidgood and Physique Pictorial—a quarterly magazine produced by Bob Mizer which featured young muscled men in bodybuilding poses, passing off the erotic as an interest in fitness in order to evade the period’s censorship laws.


Trust us

Riff Raff

9 Feb – 4 Mar
Enjoy Summer Residency

Riff Raff originated as a semi-imaginary artist-run space started by Li-Ming Hu with special guest founding member Daphne Simons in mid-2016. While on residency at Enjoy Public Art Gallery from 30 January – 19 February, Riff Raff will co-opt the gallery space as their production house, organising a live-streamed 12-hour telethon-style event to solicit a diverse collection of donated work from artists and the general public throughout the nation.