Extended Conversations #2

December 2018


Amy Weng, Dilohana Lekamge, Francis McWhannell, Hanahiva Rose, Jessica Aitken, Simon Gennard

Extended Conversations is a year-long a programme for emerging writers that began in March 2018. 

These texts have been developed by six emerging writers, with support from an individual mentor, over the course of five months. The Extended Conversations participants and mentors are:

Jessica Aitken—mentored by Thomasin Sleigh

Simon Gennard—mentored by Robyn Maree Pickens

Dilohana Lekamge—mentored by Rachel O’Neill

Francis McWhannell—mentored by Jon Bywater

Hanahiva Rose—mentored by Matariki Williams

Amy Weng—mentored by Jan Bryant

The texts are available to read on the Extended Conversations website, designed and developed by Sean Burn.