13 Nov – 20 Dec 2003

Andy Palmer

A foyer project by Enjoy and Andy Palmer

Colour, a constant companion of nearly all forms of life on this earth, has, like other great forces, potentials of good and evil.


Since its influence is manifested largely through the sense of sight, the power of colour is most effective when this sense is keen. But seeing anything involves more than looking at it. Such perception is a mental process, which for most of us requires conscious effort. After a period of ... training, the average individual can see that which he looks at. The colour of life then takes on a new meaning.  

The Colour of Life, A.G.Abbott, MacGraw, 1947, various pages

Dearacine paid homage to current marketing ploys - both subtle and cynical. Questioning how product is sold, whether there are boundaries in what can be used to market product, and the worth in aligning yourself with a branded philosophy.