Another Garden

29 Jun – 1 Aug 2015

Muscle Mouth

A landscape discovered through a series of physical conversations

Drawing on the early developments and success of the recent performance work Triumphs and Other Alternatives, this immersive installation invites different understandings of how material substances influence creative outcomes. Another Garden offers a new reading and landscape for materials once destined for the stage. No longer intended for part of a scene, the materials have been reconfigured to be experiential rather than performative, with new sound and light scapes created for the installation.


Muscle Mouth previously exhibited the performance installation Tiger at Enjoy Gallery in April, 2015.

Concept: Ross McCormack
Sound and video design: Jason Wright
Light design: Natasha James
Creation and realisation: Muscle Mouth

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About the artists

Muscle Mouth is a multidisciplinary company that produces live performance and installation artworks. The company has worked with a number of New Zealand, Australian and European-based artists. Key members are: director, designer and performer Ross McCormack, sound designer and videographer Jason Wright, light designer and production manager Natasha James, and dramaturg and producer Melanie Hamilton. Director Ross McCormack, who is now based in New Zealand after working in Europe for ten years, was recently awarded the prestigious 2015 Creative New Zealand Choreographic Fellowship. 

Muscle Mouth has presented two acclaimed performance works in New Zealand: AGE, a dance work commissioned and presented by the 2014 New Zealand Festival; and Triumphs and Other Alternatives featuring Ross McCormack, which premièred in 2015 to considerable acclaim, with critics calling it "profoundly moving and vividly passionate". The show tours to both Auckland and Sydney later this year.