Anthea Grob

13 Dec – 23 Dec 2000

Anthea Grob

Anthea had been working on a series of photographs involving the process and outcome of dropping milk into glasses of water. The photographs were intended as part of a body of work toward a masters degree trough the Melbourne Institute of Technology, and brought to light some of the problems where ulterior motives can interfere with curating a successful show.


Due to the fact that the exhibition was going to be used for assessment, ensuring the show stood on its own as an exhibition in keeping with Enjoys installation/site specific/curatorial approach was not the only consideration.

The final decisions on the show were negotiated, and involved the inclusion of documentation and alternative works for the assessment being added to the exhibition for one afternoon, for the benefit of those marking. The public exhibition contained three large-scale vinyl prints; a series of A3 sized photographs and a number of extremely small images – all examples of the smokey slow motion descent of one liquid into another.

Part of Enjoy’s first non-thematic series, #3 (November 2000 – April 2001).