Anthony Milton

20 Aug – 3 Sep 2000

Sound Installation

Antony Milton put on the third show of the Siren series. 


The artist responded very directly to the brief, preparing a collection of siren sounds on CD. These sounds were reproduced and played through stereos' in four corners of the gallery space at differing times and over-lapping, due simply to the fact that the person starting the CDs could not push play on all machines at once. The siren wails were distorted, with the hypnotic nature of the tone creating a haunting effect. Centred between the sound centres, the artist placed a red chair, enabling exhibition goers to get focused and experience surround sound.

Siren Performance CDR
17 September 2000
Featuring Antony Milton, Campbell Kneale, Peter Larking, Paul Wickham and Greg Larking

The Siren series (August – September, 2000) consisted of five week long exhibitions, with each artist producing a work which springs from their response to the word/concept siren.