Black Lunch

5 Sep – 15 Sep 2001

Amanda Newall

Inspired by zombies and the undead, Amanda referenced bodily states between life and death.


The space was eerily lit by the cream striped wallpaper boarding up the windows. Looking down from around the door was a family of portraits in heavy-looking gilded frames. These images were painted copies of decaying characters uplifted from zombie movies. In the corner opposite, was the ‘skin’ of a creature with a mask-like face, lambskin growths, and sharp red fingernails attached to arm-length white gloves.

At the narrow end of the gallery, brightly coloured poppies waved back and forth, providing a vivid foreground to the disturbing actions of the creature behind – a video projection of the embodied ‘skin’, awkwardly unwrapping cling-wrapped objects and attacking them with an over-sized knife and fork

Interested in new and experimental artists attacking the boundaries of contemporary art, the Damage series (September – June 2001) sought to delineate some of the current grounds of confrontation through experimental and subversive work.