Correspondences at boxcopy

July 26 2014

Curated by Christopher Handran, Correspondences formed a connection between Boxcopy, Brisbane and Enjoy Public Art Gallery, Wellington. The project provided an opportunity for each space to form a long-distance view of the other, drawing on their corresponding exhibition archives as starting points for new curatorial projects.

The exhibition brought together a group of artists whose practices investigate and approach art as a medium of communication and exchange. These include outward expressions of inner dialogues, reflections on shared experience and attempts to connect with others through collaborative processes.

Featuring work by Christina Read, Lauren Redican & Annsuli Marais, Tom Mackie, Kemi Niko & Co.

Read the exhibition catalogue here

Christina Read is an Auckland-based artist whose practice investigates personal and unorthodox relationships between language and object, text and image. Recent projects include Sense and Non-sense: A Festival of Absurdism for Centrum Berlin. Read graduated from Kent Institute of Art and Design in Canterbury, England in 1994 and completed a Masters of Fine Arts at Elam School of Fine Arts in 2007.

Lauren Redican and Annsuli Marais have collaborated together since 2011. Their collaborative practice investigates themes of communication, identity and visual thinking, while experimenting with different media, including drawing, text, painting, collage, print and sculpture. Since first showing collaboratively at Enjoy in 2012, they have shown at City Gallery and 30 Upstairs, Wellington and in a series of temporary public projects.

Tom Mackie is an artist based in Wellington, whose works reflect on experiences of temporality, memory, light and space. He graduated in 2008 from Otago School of Art, Dunedin, and has exhibited at the Young and 30 Upstairs in Wellington, New Zealand, at C3 Project Space, Rubicon ARI and Dark Horse Experiment in Melbourne, and at Eastern Bloc Project Space, Montreal.

Kemi Whitwell and Niko Leyden have collaborated under the name Kemi Niko & Co. since 2012. Their collaborative practice investigate principles of connection, communication and exchange by using public spaces as an outdoor R&D lab in which to perform ‘fun experiments’. These public activities are commemorated and distributed through a series of print and audio zines and propositional projects that can be accessed via: http://www.keminiko.com