Quentin Lind, Yardstick, 2016

December 21 2023, by Quentin Lind

Enjoy is excited to present Yardstick (2016) a film by Quentin Lind screening on our website over summer.


Quentin Lind, Yardstick, 2016. Film still.

Quentin Lind, Yardstick, 2016. Film still.

Quentin Lind's Yardstick (2016) looks towards the social constructs and traditions which operate in Aotearoa and the ways in which they shape our understanding of modern masculinity. Through observing characters depicted in local pop culture such as television and film, as well as real life cases found within Lind's own family, Yardstick examines the classic Kiwi Bloke as a character and explores its impact and relevance in contemporary culture in Aotearoa.

*Video contains vomit scenes that some may find disturbing.