Comfort Blanket

17 Jul – 3 Aug 2002

Teresa Andrew

Teresa Andrew is an installation/performance artist who works with narratives, using the body, whether present or absent, as the locus of behavior.


Her work is positioned within a context that speaks of how bodies behave within extreme states, whether these states are constructed from within (dysfunctions, illness, family) or imposed from the outside (the state, religion, language, collective social pressures). The materials used in Comfort Blanket referenced essential needs for survival, that of food, warmth, protection and comfort. They also tell of neglect, with specific reference to the Lilly Bing tragedy.

About the artist

The manoeuvre series (May – August, 2002) presented works by artists who have agenda of art as a toll for challenging broader social ad political issues. The series consisted of thee-week shows by four contemporary New Zealand artists with political axes to grind.