30 May – 2 Jun 2001

Bryce Galloway

As part of the From Enjoy series, this show involved the procuring and placing of nine shopping trolleys within the extended landscape of the gallery. All the trolleys were viewable from the gallery but not from any single vantage-point.


Although there was a little of the hide-and-seek audience participation in this show, the main thrust of the work was the absurdity of placement and sheer number of trolleys used. The trolleys were placed on awnings, roofs, back sections, and footpaths; all in clear view of the gallery.

The rather esoteric title reinforced the strange, yet almost normal event, of the misplacing of supermarket trolleys in our urban range. Galloway's work, of the shows in the From Enjoy series, most strongly engaged with the landscape and community within which Enjoy operates.

From Enjoy (May – June 2001) was a series of six one week exhibitions where the Enjoy curatorial team have stipulated that there be nothing inside the gallery space. Hence the name From Enjoy, could more literally be considered as 'art viewed from Enjoy'.