Save the Robots

10 Sep – 27 Sep 2003

Belinda Curran, Bill Thompson, Chris Chitty, Gregory Sharp, Marcus Moore, Nick McGowan, Stuart Shepherd

Utilising robotics and animation, combining the domestic and the industrial Save the Robots observed the constant arrival of technology presenting hybrids of the human/machine interface.


While acknowledging the presence of technology the works harked back to a simpler time of mechanised movement, belying the application of up-to-date technology. Sexuality, birth and death; real human flesh and blood concerns were present in the work. Paired with the machinised, these eternal fascinations were updated to comply with current cultural parlance, incorporating all of our cultural development from pre-verbal cross-cultural language to the trans-global technological interfaces of today.

Curated by Charlotte Huddleston, Stuart Shepherd

Part of the Arrival series (July – September, 2003).

To go you have to leave, but when you arrive what parts of where you have been arrive with you? Do we have to leave to arrive?