Damage Performance Series

18 Sep – 22 Sep 2001

Interpretations of the theme Damage by sound and performance artists. Performances nightly – detritus day by day.



Tuesday 18th, 8pm.
Greg Larking - A. Milton Yi. P. Wickham & K. Monaghan.

Wednesday 19th, 8pm.
Mode - Jeff Henderson.

Thursday 20th, 8pm.
Ciaran Begley - The Third Octave Band.

Friday 21st, 8pm.
S.E.H.T - Craig Taylor.

Saturday 22nd, 8pm.
Paul Wickham - Birchville Cat Motel.
Nouveau Riche.

Interested in new and experimental artists attacking the boundaries of contemporary art, the Damage series (September – June 2001) sought to delineate some of the current grounds of confrontation through experimental and subversive work.