Dove Tail Joint

30 Jul – 22 Aug 2009

Florence Wild

With a 'found' parachute, two paintings, an expanse of cassette tape innards and a hand-embroidered rug, Dove tail joint presents a collision between seemingly disparate objects, a variety of processes, and pop-cultural references.


Wild works across a range of media and disciplines, often exposing the cyclic and tenuous links among the pop-amalgam that weaves by way of reference through film, television, music and literature.

The concepts of gathering, connecting and 'linking multiple threads of interest, is reflected in the works themselves' through stitching, layering, knotting, repetition, and other physical processes.

Florence Wild, Dove Tail Joint, 2009.

Florence Wild, Dove Tail Joint, 2009.

About the artist

Florence Wild has a BFA from Elam School of Fine Arts, and has recently exhibited at rm Gallery (then known as Rm 103), and in Gambia Castle's Magazine project.