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Artist and curator talk: I digress

Saturday 16 Dec 2017

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Join us for an artist talk with Gregory Kan and Matilda Fraser on the final day of the group exhibition I digress. Curator Sophie Davis will give an introduction and discuss the curatorial framework for the exhibition.

Delving into different modes of address and encounter, I digress explores the transmission of language through different technologies as a relational and open-ended activity. The artworks and collaborative approaches of this exhibition consider the forms of labour, exchange and unexpected detours of this process. 

Working collaboratively, Matilda Fraser and Gregory Kan have developed a poetic spoken word text. Played through various speakers in the gallery space, this fragmented audio contemplates traces or ‘ghosts’ of people, revisiting their legacies in the way they’re spoken about or to. An important strategy in this work is exploring and abstracting the second person address; a written mode historically associated with personal correspondence that is used more frequently and ambiguously in digital and social media. Fraser and Kan consider the act of ‘performing’ speaking to one in a certain moment, while also speaking to many across different temporalities.