past event

Bling Ring talanoa

Tuesday 16 Nov 2021

What makes something precious? What is your relationship to preciousness? Talking all things on heirlooms, rituals, sacredness and adornments, ‘traditions’ around body parts, performances and crafts as tools for artists to draw on.

Hosted by: Etanah Talapā 

Exhibition Curator: Vanessa Mei Crofskey

Artists: Nââwié Tutugoro, Jenny Takahashi Palmer, Clementine Edwards and Louie Zalk-Neale




Watch the recorded talanoa on Vimeo.

Bling Ring continues until Saturday 11 December.


Image: Nââwié Tutugoro, image courtesy of artist;
Jenny Takahashi Palmer, Jenny’s kanzashi collection, 2020-21, image courtesy of Cheska Brown; Clementine Edwards, Material kinship/The World is Going to Shitzu, 2019-21, image courtesy of Cheska Brown;
Louie Zalk-Neale, Mana tipua taku iho (activation), 2021, image courtesy of Enjoy Contemporary Art Space.