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Enjoy Christmas Party

Friday 16 Dec 2022

Design by Tobias Allen. 

Design by Tobias Allen. 

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Enjoy is excited to present The Tableau of Two Throats, a performance by Tobias Allen, followed by two of Pōneke's hottest DJ's, KATE BUTCH and BILLYSKUXX.

Join us in the iconic basement of S&M's Cocktail Bar, 176 Cuba Street, between 6pm and 10pm for our debaucherous end of year celebration.

Afterwards, continue your night at Third Party who are presenting DJ G2G(URG/DNK) following this evenings' happenings. Tickets are $20 online for Love Not Lost at 10pm. Secure those hot tickets at

(PS, we recommend doing a RAT before arriving. Please stay away if you're feeling sick!)

(PSS, this event is strictly R18)



The Tableau of Two Throats

O throat! O trembling throat!

The Tableau of Two Throats is a work inspired by the performance of Maria Callas in The Lisbon Traviata. The opera suggests that pleasure will surely kill us. In their performance, Allen draws parallels to the homophobic narratives surrounding AIDS and the ways pursuits of pleasure have killed gays. 

Is it a certainty? Am I doomed to die? Is this what history is telling us?

The Tableau of Two Throats is the third work in Allen's sonic performance series following Mourn You in the Seen (2022) and The Corpse, The Faggot, The Voice and We (2021).

Tobias Allen is an artist based in Pōneke. Working in performance, video and sound, their work examines the broad and difficult relationships between grief, death and queerness with a focus of deep-set human emotional states to be encountered within these topics.

7PM - 8PM

They're trancey, they're dancey, DJ of many faces and personas, KATE BUTCH will be pumping electro clash feel-good EDM For you to enjoy™. Kate Butch is a co-founder of Third Party who are presenting DJ G2G(URG/DNK) following this evenings' happenings - $20 online for Love Not Lost at 10pm. Secure your tickets at

Listen to KATE BUTCH latest mix here.

8PM - 9PM

With love and mana, Billyskuxx curates mixes that empower the people.

Listen to Billyskuxx latest mix here.