past event

INTERACTIONS Seminar series

Tuesday 7 Mar 2006

Drawing from the wealth of knowledge existing in our local arts community, a number of exceptional people are generously offering to share their experiences with you.

Between March 28 and April 7, Enjoy will host a series of seminars and talks aimed at artists, art professionals, and art-interested members of the public. And that’s you! So come along and be involved.

Utilising Websites, Friday 31 March 2 - 5 pm

Douglas Bagnall discusses his own practice, utilising websites and integrating a server into programming;
Luke Rowell aka Disasteradio talks about recent projects in Europe;
And Charlotte Hurley from Seashell Communications talks about content aspects of websites.  

Documentation, Saturday 1 April 2 - 5pm 

Tina Barton talks on documentation in relation to essays, reviews and text;
Maddie Leach discusses documentation in her own practice;
Courtney Lucas from Enjoy and Jenny Gillam from Show discuss issues concerning the photographic documentation of exhibitions.

Working with the Media, Friday 7 April 2 - 5pm 

Robyn Walker aka Rockgirl draws on her radio broadcasting experience from Radio Active and National Radio arts promotion;
And Mark Amery long standing arts reviewer from the Dominion Post addresses issues surrounding arts criticism and promotion in print media.

Additional Events

Tuesday 28 March 6pm
Farewell Party for Inaugural Fan Emma Bugden 

Wednesday 29 - April 7
Screening of Enjoy's Container Project from Melbourne's Next Wave Festival, Daniel + Nicholas du Bern, Against Nature

Thursday 30 March, 6pm
Room 103’s Nick Spratt talks about recent projects

Monday 3 April, 6pm
Charlotte Huddleston from the Govett Brewster talks about recent projects

Tuesday 4 April, 6pm
Louise Menzies and Liz Allan with invited speakers present Face to Face Observations on Art and Sociality

Wednesday 5 April, 6pm
Enjoy writer/publicist Jessica Reid reports back on Melbourne’s Next Wave Festival

Thursday 5 April, 6pm
Stuart Shepherd gives a report on recent art projects in India and New York


Information Station

For the duration of the Interactions Seminar Series, Enjoy will operate as an Information Station. Nestled into a corner of the gallery amongst couches and cushions will be an area abundant with art books, magazines, articles, reviews, publications, and zines. Internet access will also allow for visitors to browse a selection of book-marked art-related sites. With a ‘staff-picks’ slant minus the pressure to buy, visitors will be encouraged to while away some time in the inspiring surroundings of Enjoy. Loans and donations still welcome!