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Friday 22 Jul 2016

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Following on from the panel discussion, this workshop will address some of the how-tos of starting something artist-run. 

Focusing on innovation, fast thinking, problem-solving, business basics and team work, the workshop will introduce the potential of ARIs, different models for projects (think more than just a space) and give participants the chance to workshop and discuss any ideas they have for a project of their own.

Sophie Giblin is an award-winning curator and director from the UK. Having only lived in Wellington 6 months, she’s already been awarded Creative NZ and WGTN City Council funding to start up, Lokal Stories. Sophie will tell the story of how she started up her globally renowned initiative, Kollektiv Gallery, and teach her entrepreneurship workshop, Fast Art.

A.M - starting initiatives, the story

• Industry problems and solutions
• Self starting and collaboration
• How to fund projects - even with government funding cuts
• Publicity stunts and whipping up an audience
• Exhibiting in alternative gallery spaces
• Risk taking and challenges
• Management and logistics of running a collective

P.M - Fast Art workshop

Fast Art is a speedily paced, creative entrepreneurship workshop. Sign up of you want the momentum to take more risks, speed up the creative process and make collaborative projects happen more regularly.

To register, please email with your name or group and a short bio about yourself and any prospective projects you may be thinking of. We are encouraging both groups and individuals to participate in this workshop and lunch will be provided.

“This workshop is perfect for newly forming collectives and initiatives, galleries and studios. I developed Fast Art to reminds people that anyone can start, finish and even sell a project in a matter of hours. Expect team problem solving, fast decision making, physical creation and selling too."

Sophie Giblin