Gallery Etiquette Infinite Scenery

5 Dec – 15 Dec 2001

Daniel du Bern, Gregory Sharp, Ryan Chadfield

Through a great deal of time and effort, the artists made the gallery space light-tight for the last exhibition in the Control series.


They boarded up the windows and erected a light trap (a corridor that runs adjacent to the door - as in a photographic darkroom). With the space free of light, they related a series of changing installations, or an evolving installation, over the two week exhibition; creating environs engaging with the absence of vision and the heightening of the remaining senses - touch, smell/taste, and sound. Some of these installations included altered domestic objects (carpets, ceiling tiles, furniture, etc.), 'Glade' air fresheners, and heaters.

Not surprisingly, this show proved to be challenging for many of those who engaged with the space, some being frightened, others titillated. By removing the sense of vision from the experience of art, the artists attempted to engage with some of the formal concerns at play in contemporary art - space, form, time, performance, and function.

They wanted to create an experience of art which encouraged feelings of fear, anxiety and ambiguity, as the artists believed these to be limited by the passive nature of sight.

The Control series (September – December 2001) sought to re-introduce the notion of control to Enjoy after the damage demonstrations.