Hannah and Aaron Beehre

28 Nov – 9 Dec 2000

Aaron Beehre, Hannah Beehre

Hannah and Aaron Beehre followed with another collaborative series of work for the #3 series.


This show differed in it’s collaborative approach to the previous exhibition – Hannah offered broad ideas in a workbook form to Aaron, who in turn designed images to be produced in paint by Hannah – both artists worked toward the same final product.

The paintings were in a large-scale square format, and on Hannah’s part, involved investigation into surface texture and paint application. Aaron’s design sensibility came through in his step in the overall process, producing clean bold images reminiscent of design found frequently with youth driven dance culture. Hannah and Aaron worked together to develop a font which they marked the majority of the pieces.

Part of Enjoy’s first non-thematic series, #3 (November 2000 – April 2001).