21 Jul – 6 Aug 2004

Miranda Parkes

A painting show, Hullbreach by Christchurch artist Miranda Parkes. The work referenced painting's history, subverting some of its conventions.


An old plastic bag stands in for the painted surface in one work, others traverse their expected boundary and droop onto the floor. The paintings look like formalist abstractions that have collapsed or been interrupted. Parkes has an irreverent attitude towards her paintings, for as many are destroyed as are created. Enjoy presented some of the survivors.

The New Work series (July December 2004) represented a transitional period in Enjoy’s vision and development. Moving away from the gallery’s hands-on, thematic approach of the past, New Work set the loosest of theme requirements yet and was the last of such dictated restrictions. The proposal call-out requested that the work be ‘new’, leaving the  definition of this seemingly simple word up for grabs.

New work, new to the audience, new to Enjoy.