Time Will Break The World

4 Dec – 21 Dec 2003

Kim Paton

The second half of the Feature Wall series hosts a confronting challenge to the activity of space. Kim Paton's installation TIME WILL BREAK THE WORLD presented a sharply site responsive work calling on Minimalist traditions of monumentality and physicality through a use of distorted scale and a grandness of structure.


With new gallery walls installed from floor to ceiling tracing the perimeter of the gallery, the viewer was faced with an immediate decision of whether to enter this narrow corridor, a 60cm wide passage way, which became a place for skirting a new and self-contained space, active with potential yet physically unreachable.

For the Feature Wall series (November – December, 2003), Enjoy painted one wall of the gallery Resene ‘Flash Point’ Red and applied a large Enjoy logo, thereby introducing the unavoidable presence of a label and it’s representative identity.