1 May – 7 May 2001

Andrew Thomas

As the first exhibition of the From Enjoy series, PIGEON responds to 'popular' public perceptions of contemporary art. As the gallery goers gather around the windows looking for the art beyond, a pigeon sits on a ledge looking in to the gallery. 


The pigeon may not reveal itself as anything out of the ordinary until the growing realisation that it's not moving prompts a closer look. Upon closer inspection it is clear to see that the pigeon is in fact a fake. A crudely manufactured model. 

The materials and crafting of the pigeon appear like that of any young child's art class. Immediately this lends itself to the shallow criticism "my child could do that". This is undeniably true. However what this common public criticism fails to address is the intellectual background to much contemporary art. This criticism is aimed purely at the aesthetic value of the work. Despite this, it is also true that attempts to explain the 'meaning' of art are often considered too difficult to understand. The 'language of art' is perhaps like a pidgin language, sufficiently complicated to be deemed nonsense.

Just like the street pigeon, these perceptions of contemporary art can be found in all corners of the world.

From Enjoy (May – June 2001) was a series of six one week exhibitions where the Enjoy curatorial team have stipulated that there be nothing inside the gallery space. Hence the name From Enjoy, could more literally be considered as 'art viewed from Enjoy'.