Rex Republica

26 Jun – 13 Jul 2002

Eugene Hansen

Political spoof involving the intro to the television series Monkey. In Rex Republica (Rex's Cybernautic Dreamscape, releases candidate nine) Tripitaka is Helen Clark, Pigsy is Winston Peters, Sandy is John Campbell (Jonjon), and Monkey is Busta Rhymes.


The exhibition involved the installation of several monitors depicting images from the series Monkey and Logan's Run with dubbed voice overs by well known New Zealand politicians and media representatives, and music by American rapper Busta Rhymes, which samples another well known American made television series theme tune. All footage has been downloaded from the internet.

The manoeuvre series (May – August, 2002) presented works by artists who have agenda of art as a toll for challenging broader social ad political issues. The series consisted of thee-week shows by four contemporary New Zealand artists with political axes to grind.