Urban Lymphatic. A Street Maneuver

5 Jun – 21 Jun 2002

Marcus Williams, Matt Hunt

Marcus Williams with score by Matt Hunt

Williams’ work discusses the contest for market control of information supply. At the time of writing, the three major telco's in NZ were burying an arterial system of conduit for the conveyance of digital information.


As the delineation between modes of information technology, such as computer, telephone and network services become increasingly blurred; a combination of strategic alliances of different goals becomes possible. Different area of emphasis such as personal, interactive and mobile image and data communication, three dimensional computer age representations or interactive television converge under the control of a homogenizing corporate entity.

All are implicated yet none are responsible.

The manoeuvre series (May – August, 2002) presented works by artists who have agenda of art as a toll for challenging broader social ad political issues. The series consisted of thee-week shows by four contemporary New Zealand artists with political axes to grind.