Deanna Dowling at VideoARI, Melbourne

September 27 2015

VideoARI brought together single-channel video works selected by artist-run-initiatives from across Australia and New Zealand. With a focus on artist-run-initiatives from outside of Melbourne, the exhibition operated as a platform through which the participating artist-run-initiatives could highlight a single video work from their region and present this within the Melbourne context. The works are displayed simultaneously across a dozen monitors, in a cacophony of video. 

Image courtesy of Screen Space.

Image courtesy of Screen Space.

This exhibition was been organised by Screen Space Co-Directors Simone Hine and Kyle Weise and presented as part of Channels: The Australian Video Art Festival


List of Works and ARIs, Left to Right

Wellington St Projects (Sydney)
Rafaela Pandolfini, Wind, 2014, 02:59. Sound - Dominic Kirkwood

Sawtooth ARI (Launceston)
Darryl Rogers, Metascape Launceston #2, 2011, 5:14.

MOANA (Perth)
Casey Ayres, Untitled, 2014, 15:12.

Pilot (Hamilton)
Karl Bayly, Instructions for further development, 2015, 5:02.

MOP (Sydney)
Peter Nelson, Landscape Tractate, 2015, 10:16.

Enjoy (Wellington)
Deanna Dowling, Bay 133, 2014, 11:57.

The Walls (Gold Coast)
Jason Haggerty, Perlin Emanation, 2015, 2:35.

FELT Space (Adelaide)
Jenna Pippett, Mother Mask, 2013, 00:24 second loop.

Paper Mountain
Lauren McCartney, Tearing Down The Grid With My Breath, 2014, 1:28 (loop).

Rm (Auckland)
Sonya Lacey, By Sea, 2015, 9:07.

BRUCE (Dunedin)
Ted Whitaker, How to Check For Melanoma, 2014, 03:24.

Boxcopy (Brisbane)
Anastasia Booth, Portrait of Baubo, 2015.


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