no, it’s no good iii

March 24 2016

We love our building and, when the stars align, love to share it with other people. Margot Mills spent some time in our stairwell over the weekend and produced a beautiful video work addressing ideas of intimacy, labour and domestic space.

Margot Mills’ work no, it’s no good iii connects a complexity, a darkness and tenderness between the relationship of women and the performance of domesticity – the types of work women perform out of duty, for intimacy and longevity.

Housework becomes a craft of removal. A dutiful act of taking away the traces of oneself, of someone else, of memories. It asks the question, can the performance of house work be a negotiation of survival and acceptance? Yet also a source of enjoyment? Where do we perform this complex dynamic, or power play, in our own romantic relationships?

no, it’s no good iii investigates what kind of work, laborious or emotional, is valued and revered in our relationships, and in our society. Through cinematics, poetry and performance, Mills asks us – who is the one undertaking the majority of this labour?

Words by Izzy O’Neill


Margot is currently in her fourth year of a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) degree at Massey University. You can view more of her work on her Vimeo.

Video still from no, it’s no good iii [detail]

Video still from no, it’s no good iii [detail]