Episode 34: Sorority

August 25 2016, by Louise Rutledge

If you missed out on Sorority, the wonderful Pip Adam took the time to sit down with each of the writers and recorded their readings for her podcast, Better off Read

"Better off Read is a bit of an experiment. I’m interested in how books stay with and change us. I’m talking to writers about books that we’ve both read. On the whole, we’re not re-reading the books before we talk about them. I’m really interested in what we remember and mis-remember about what we read. I’m interested in how books change how we write and what we write. Because we’re talking casually and without much preparation the conversations will wander and there will be, I expect, spoilers and false-spoilers. I’m not quite sure how it will go or whether it will be interesting or teach me anything about the relationship between writing and reading, but so far, it’s been fun."

Thank you again to Faith Wilson for organising the event and for the incredible writers, Hana Pera Aoake, Anahera Gildea, Tayi Tibble, and Gem Wilder, for sharing your work!