TUCAT TELETHON: Watch online

March 20 2017

While on summer residency at Enjoy from 30 January – 19 February, Riff Raff co-opted the gallery space as their production house. Their aim was to develop a new contemporary art collection of donated work from artists and the general public throughout the nation, provisionally titled the 'Trust us Contemporary Art Trust' (TUCAT).

The apex of Riff Raff's summer residency project was a live-streamed 12-hour telethon-style event at Enjoy on Friday 17th November, 12 noon – midnight. Incorporating a diverse range of variety acts, the TUCAT Telethon was held for the purpose of collecting donated artworks for the TUCAT collection. 

Thank you to everyone who took part in the TUCAT Telethon or viewed the live stream. You can view an edited version of the full event in the six video installments below. 

0:00 Opening Ceremony: The Welcoming Party
5:31 Crossing over to Auckland: Introducing Theo MacDonald, Auckland Correspondent
8:14 Dead White Ladies: Interview with Alice Neel
12:04 Motoko Kikkawa, Live at Geoff's (excerpt)
14:38 Wellington City Chorus: Thank you very much
16:09 Army of Poets: Round 1 ft. Freya Daly Sadgrove Livvy Nonoa, Jacob Brown, Tim Gregec, Jackson Nieuwland, Carolyn Decarlo
24:12 Crossing over to Auckland (Artist Donations)
25:17 Donation: Janet Lilo, Random handcut bumper stickers for TUCAT, handcut vinyl, 2017
24:58 Donation: Katrina Steck, Commercialized Culture, embroidered Tshirt, 2017
26:20 Opening Artworks from Christchurch
26:57 Donation: Miranda Parkes, Pocket stars, objects and pink plasticine, 2015
27:31 Donation: Daegan Wells, Untitled (209 Tuam Street), 2017
27:57 Donation: Same Clague, Malaise onaise, digital print on vinyl, 2017
28:07 Thomas Handcock, Bottle #8, oil on board, 2015
28:36 Puppet Literary Theatre: Endgame by Samuel Beckett

00:00 Intro by Dr Vincent 
03:08 Live zine reading of Incredibly Hot Sex with Hideous People by Bryce Galloway
07:36 Toilet Documentary: Feat. the spirits of Josh Harrington, Thomas Crapper and Albert Giblin.
11:11 The Dirt Road: Thank you very much
12:05 Wellington City Chorus: In my baby's lovin arms
14:18 Claire Harris folding fitted sheets and putting a duvet cover on a duvet 
18:43 Lucien Johnson: Saxophonist extraordinaire 
20:30 Live from Auckland: performance by Piss Cannon
26:33 Live Art Selection: Works by Morgan Linforth
30:49 Performance by Hugo Robinson
33:04 Theo McDonald, Guns N Roses N Woodys N Rothmans, 2017. Digital video

00:00 The Gingernut by Megan Dunn
02:00 Live from Auckland: Cecilia Min
04:44 Kids Show with Jackson Crampin
15:09 Broadcast of Turquoisation: For the coming storm (2016) by Mark Harvey
17:20 The Dirt Road
26:14 Interview with donating artist Paula Kerslake
29:43 Interview with donating artist Priscilla Howe and video broadcast
31:09 Priscilla Howe, Kitchen, 2016. Digital video, 1 min 53 sec
32:10 Puppet Literary Theatre: A Streetcar Named Desire
34:01 Lucien Johnson: Thank you very much
34:32 Isabella Dampney, We are the world, 2016. Digital video

00:00 Army of Poets II ft. Freya Daly Sadgrove, Eleanor Rose King Merton, Alexandra Hollis, Maddy Foreman, Rebecca Hawkes, Hannah Mettner, Ashleigh Young, Eamonn Marra
10:28 Catherine Ellis: Puppet show / how to make a napalm
20:19 TUCAT's How Many Grapes? artist challenge with Daphne Simons, Louise Rutledge, Juliet Carpenter and Ana Iti
25:48 Tao Wells: Three Ideas for the State, WINZ National Tour
28:00 Interview with donating artist Ana Iti 
30:18 Credits for The Price is Right: NZ art valuation quiz hosted by Li-Ming Hu
30:35 Lucien Johnson: Thank you very much
31:04 Agony Art with Ruby Joy Eade

00:00 Live from Auckland: Beer Review with Sarah Mohawk
07:06 Live Art Donation: Hugh Chesterman, Left is right, 2017, handwritten letter
08:05 Live Art Donation: Ellyse Randrup, Four Peppers, 2015, risograph print
11:48 Ribbon Gymnastics
13:59 Stand up Stand Off: Riff Raff vs. Scott Morrison
20:32 Who wants to be Contemporary? Contemporary Art Quiz hosted by Sophie Davis
27:34 Wellington City Chorus (Thank you very much)
29:04 The Price is Right: NZ Art Valuation Quiz hosted by Li-Ming Hu
34:01 Arm Wrestle

00:00 Artists in Love: relationship analysis with Jordana Bragg
07:42 Lucien Johnson: Thank you very much
08:13 Donation: Karleisha Willis, Burn Test II, 2016
09:59 Rod Stewart phone-in
13:56 Suprise guest performance by Sebastien Michel
15:04 Donations from Auckland
15:17 Donation: Cole Cochran, Untitled, 2017
15:47 Donation: Claudia Dunes, Untitled (bullet)
16:00 Donation: Judy Darragh, Truss, expanded foam, 2017
16:35 Donation: Ada Leung, Eyeball, rubber ball, UHU glue, craft moving eyes, 2016
17:27 Donation: Anh Tran, Vi To Er Smeltet Sammen, cotton on wooden stretchers, 2016
18:07 Donation: Public Share, Notice of Intent, 2016
18:13 Donation: Deborah Rundle, Later, handdrawn reproduction of employee timesheet, pencil frottage, ink, parchment, 2016. 
18:38 Donation: Sarah Cowie, Blue Mask #1, digital print, 2016
19:00 Donation: Kate Cox, Untitled, dough and oven tray, 2017
20:17 How Well Do You Know Your Collaborator? Enjoy vs Riff Raff
25:09 Enjoy Pagent by Louise Rutledge
30:26 Disco dance party
31:39 END