Chew Two To Chew

15 May – 1 Jun 2002

Belinda Curran

Ever since the industrial revolution people have been just another cog in the wheel, everyone keeping existence in motion.


The role of most humans in society is to maintain a constant. But how much influence do we have on the actual outcome of what is really going on? The propaganda humans are fed keeps people believing their position in society is a valid choice. Yet at what price to society?

Chew Two To Chew [CTTC] was a projection of the absolute lack of power of the individual with regard to the development of the mass human psyche. This was not meant to be a dark piece with no future, but a piece to make people think and go away with what they can do as individuals. The power of the masses is a powerful tool.

The manoeuvre series (May – August, 2002) presented works by artists who have agenda of art as a toll for challenging broader social ad political issues. The series consisted of thee-week shows by four contemporary New Zealand artists with political axes to grind.