Ciaran Begley

23 Aug – 27 Aug 2000

Ciaran Begley

Ciaran's was the first show in the Siren series.


Exhibition viewers were confronted by large images of calm people following procedure for disaster. These images were large-scale drawings of the diagrams found on laminated in-flight evacuation instruction cards. The diagrams were drawn in hasty paint-work, contrasting with the methodical approach the subjects were taking to the procedure.

Almost life size, and placed in sequence around the gallery, the diagrams were given a physicality as viewers were forced to navigate the space.

The large diagrams offered an experiential approach to potential disaster instruction. Accompanying the images was background sound; the wails of internal sirens, and speaker announcements from an aircraft carrier. The aircraft carrier reference offered a reversal of the aerial focus of the diagrams – the potential emergency resulting in the safe meeting of sea and sky.

The Siren series (August – September, 2000) consisted of five week long exhibitions, with each artist producing a work which springs from their response to the word/concept siren.