De-install (Enjoy Screen Test)

2 Feb – 2 Feb 2015

Zoe Crook

Soundtrack to viewing:

This is an object of installation.
(exhibition. consternation. inhibition)


It is in a loft, (an apartments aspiration –) clean and uncluttered.
It has space.

Ready for a House and Garden Photo-shoot!
But it isn’t alive.

A play ground. Ground to play.
see, the verb is only active when the ground has pressure on it.

crisp and succinct, maybe. but jargon.

anyone visits during de-install.
(EE Cummings thought anyone was the everyman)

This is the gallery's night in a city that doesn’t sleep.

Alive it becomes a conversationalist, Flamboyant with a loss of inhibition,
objects that visit on these nights are verbs, They facilitate and ready actions. 

Its nights are limited, precious, but only to nobody.

this is one of those nights,
Enjoy. be an anyone.