Enjoy Ten Year Anniversary

1 Jul – 26 Jul 2010

Clara Chon, D.A.N.C.E ART CLUB, James R Ford, Jeremy Leatinu'u, Leonie Smith, Mike Ting, Murray Hewitt, Outdoor Knit, Schaeffer Lemalu

Enjoy's Ten Year Anniversary takes inspiration from ideas around guerrilla diplomacy and presents an alternative approach to exhibition making and rethinking relationships between projects and artists within our gallery space


Enjoy's anniversary will see a series of eight commissioned projects overlaping both in the gallery and off-site. Through this free-form and spontaneous structure they will suggest new political, experiential and formal dialogues between each other and our audiences - as one project deinstalls, another shares the space while a new project is being installed.

As 4 July 2000 was the start date of the Enjoy programme, we invite everyone, our artists and audiences, to take part in a public, unofficial art work and to enjoy 2 minutes of silence or screaming at 6pm on this day. 

Curated by Siv B. Fjærestad



Leonie Smith
Musical Chairs/Wheelbarrow
Saturday 3 July
Wellington Waterfront Walkway

30 June (and ongoing)
Secret location

Murray Hewitt
Drowned Out
Saturday 17 July, 10.30am
Te Aro Park cnr Taranaki Street and Dixon

James R Ford
Smash N Tag
Saturday 17 July, 12pm. Cnr Taranaki Street and Wigan Street, in the outdoor lot beside Capital City Paint & Panel


On-site at Enjoy Gallery:

The Casual Romance Club II
1 June – 9 July
With guest collaborators Janet Lilo, Arie Hellendoorn, Jacqueline Mcgraw, Jonathan Cameron and Keila Martin

Clara Chon
6 July-15 July

Jeremy Leatinuu
10 July-17 July

Schaeffer Lemalu
15 July-22 July

Mike Ting
17-24 July