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Openings: God the Mechanical Mother by Kat Lang & Proposal for a Body by Georgina Brett and Jo Bragg

Friday 16 Feb 2024

Courtesy of Jo Bragg and Georgina Brett.

Courtesy of Jo Bragg and Georgina Brett.

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Enjoy is pleased to present God the Mechanical Mother, an exhibition by Te Whanganui-a-Tara based artist Kat Lang, and, Proposal for a Body, an exhibition by Tāmaki Makaurau based artists Jo Bragg and Georgina Brett.

Previewing on Friday 16 February, from 6pm.

God the Mechanical Mother
Kat Lang

God the Mechanical Mother is an exhibition of extraction and post-metaphysical effluvia. Kat Lang experiments with primordial and time-bound materiality, and offers a deconstructed ontotheological study into the implications of meaning and uncertainty.

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Proposal for a Body
Jo Bragg & Georgina Brett

Proposal for a Body posits that sound and text-matter are mediums that can be regarded as inherently queer in their expansive and corporally liminal states. Jo Bragg and Georgina Brett draw on the music and writing of artists Loren Conors and Kim Gordon to communicate through sound and poetry in a way that operates beyond conventional human language.

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We are grateful to celebrate with catering by Seeds to Feeds, an initiative celebrating locally grown, naturally grown, community-building food, and with the generosity of Double Vision Brewing and Everyday Wine.