Proposal for a Body

Courtesy of the artists.

Courtesy of the artists.

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17 Feb – 16 Mar

Georgina Brett, Jo Bragg

Proposal for a Body posits that sound and text-matter are mediums that can be regarded as inherently queer in their expansive and corporally liminal states. Jo Bragg and Georgina Brett draw on the music and writing of artists Loren Connors and Kim Gordon to communicate through sound and poetry abstract-experience; what is inexplicable.



Bragg and Brett present immaterial or bodiless practices focused on experimental process and experience rather than resolved closed-outcomes. Proposal for a Body proposes that sound and text-matter are sculpturally-amorphous mediums, which have the unique ability to communicate complex ontological concepts within the duality of what constitutes a body vis à vis Being bodiless: the duality between flesh versus cerebral states of Beingness.

This exhibition functions as a form of institutional critique within the institution-challenging what is deemed acceptable mediums for the gallery space, while it denounces mainstream perceptions of what is considered tasteful and desirable.

A live public event will accompany the exhibition's opening night. This event will present a noise and reading performance piece with Brett on electric guitar using a range of found objects (misc-metal-hardware items: hex-nut, century spring corp, a copper rod, river-rock, hair-ribbon and goat-skin tail) and Bragg reading of textual-material.

Jo Bragg
Jo Bragg is a Tāmaki Makaurau born and based poet, essayist and gender theorist. They are a co-founder of Meanwhile artist-run initiative in Pōneke. Bragg holds an MFA by Research (First Class Honours) awarded in 2021 by Monash University (Naarm, Melbourne) and currently works as the Inventory Coordinator at Webbs Auction House.

Georgina Brett
Georgina Brett is an artist based in Tāmaki Makaurau. They graduated from Elam School of Fine arts with an MFA in 2013. Recent exhibitions and projects include: Artist Internship, Neu Kirche Contemporary Art Center, Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Exchanges of Force, public installation, East Deutschtown, Pittsburgh; In The Making, Neu Kirche Contemporary Art Center, Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Tripping the Edge, In-Summoning-Between, The Audio Foundation, Auckland; Making of a History Garden, installation, community project, Parnell District School, Auckland; Untitled Still-life, Snakepit Window-Space, Auckland; To Take Place, group show, Window, The University of Auckland; Elam Graduate show, Elam, The University of Auckland; Spoilsport, Snakepit, Auckland; Pollution, group show, George Fraser Gallery, Auckland; Borrowed Space, artist project space, Sydney.