Gleaners' Garden

22 Jan – 15 Feb 2014

Kirsten Dryburgh, Xin Cheng

Summer Residency

Since the end of December, Kirsten Dryburgh and Xin Cheng have been working through a self-directed art-making bootcamp at Enjoy. 


Temporarily resigning from their old lives in Auckland and carrying only a selection of favourite tools and their exercise routines, they have dived into an experiment of following one's nose; colliding realities and perceptions; embracing the grapevine; holding together differences; gathering excesses; bouncing off, and seeing which way the wind blows.

Excerpts from the Gleaners' Garden Journal:

From the raw fleece felting last Sunday, a pool of dirty liquid (a mixture of soap suds, lanolin and dag dirt) reeked out of the newly formed felt, pooling around the entrance to the building. The upstairs neighbour thought someone had peed there (they would have realised otherwise if they had bent over to smell it). After the mess was mopped up, what was left was extra clean splatters, where the dirt once was, from the entrance tiles all the way up the stairs.

When and where the floor comes to meet you.

There are invisible energies involved, the materials for a sensory landscape. Whether in or on the wind or air, or the possibility for defying gravity. It's the potential that is most exciting.

Unlike the emperors new clothes, fiction can be transcended in the act of wearing.

Happening at Gleaners' Garden, a short performance by Daniel Beban & Sascha Perfect
Friday, 14 February, 6pm.

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Xin Cheng and Kirsten Dryburgh, Gleaners' Garden, 2014. Image courtesey of Mark Wilson. 

Xin Cheng and Kirsten Dryburgh, Gleaners' Garden, 2014. Image courtesey of Mark Wilson. 

We gratefully acknowledge the support of The Chartwell Trust and Hardieboys Ginger Beer.  Special thanks to Georgina Watson, Christine Arvidson and Ann Shelton.