Grand Prix

27 Sep – 8 Oct 2000

Amanda Ra

Amanda Ra was the last artist to show in the Siren series. This exhibition also focused on a twisting of the siren’s allure, targeting the subject of its gaze.


The images shown in this exhibition looked at the male counterparts to the purely physical appeal of the woman. There were hundreds of photographic images of clothed male crotches, making a band around the gallery wall, at female crotch height.

These images, detached from the people to which they belong, offer a parallel to photographic interest in female bodies. The crotches worked as both a threatening circle of potential reaction and the target of all viewers in the space. The exhibition enabled crotches to be closely examined without awareness of the accompanying body.

The Siren series (August – September, 2000) consisted of five week long exhibitions, with each artist producing a work which springs from their response to the word/concept siren.