In Between

3 Nov – 19 Nov 2004

Charlotte Huddleston, Richard Lewer

In Between drew on social history, anthropology, narrative, personal belief systems and media representations of strange phenomena to create a project marking the intersection of the everyday and the supernatural. 


It explored the rich territory of the unexpected, recognising our fascination with the unexplained and the supernatural. The exhibition presented personal beliefs and experiences with ghosts through narrative, animation and materials gathered though research, asking you to draw your own conclusions.

The supernatural is often employed as a metaphoric device in movies, plays and books. It exists as a part of most cultures and there are many stories and histories surrounding unexplained phenomena. Cultural representations of such phenomena often depict ghosts as evil and we are taught to be afraid of things we can't explain.

In Between used the stories and incidents as a starting point to enter into discussion with people, those with stories and those viewing the exhibition, recognising the connotations of ghosts and employing them as a rich symbol in addition to taking these experiences at face value as out of the ordinary occurrences in the context of the everyday.

For Lewer and Huddleston the supernatural and ghosts in particular create an awareness of the spaces that exist between things, of the margins and the rich potential for the unexpected that exists in these undefined spaces. It is these areas of unmarked territory that offer rich sources for subjective interpretation.

With In Between Lewer and Huddleston collaborated on a project that is for both of them a continuation of their investigation into personal beliefs, social space and the area that can be found between.

The New Work (July – December 2004) series represented a transitional period in Enjoy’s vision and development. Moving away from the gallery’s hands-on, thematic approach of the past, New Work set the loosest of theme requirements yet and was the last of such dictated restrictions. The proposal call-out requested that the work be ‘new’, leaving the  definition of this seemingly simple word up for grabs.

New work, new to the audience, new to Enjoy.