New To Enjoy

17 Apr – 27 Apr 2002

Arlo Barraud, Marianne Muggeridge, Ned Barraud, Roger Morris

A group show bringing together a new and eclectic combination of styles and artists.


Marianne Muggeridge a well known landscape and portrait painter twice winner of the Adam Portrait Award hailing from Taranaki, Roger Morris who has shown at Enjoy in the Damage series, Ned Barrauda and Arlo local identity, member of ‘The Family’ young ambitious and fingers in many pies.

The combination of these widely different artists’ work was a new experience for all of those involved. The negotiations involved in showing the work of four artists in a gallery the size of Enjoy required a strong vision from the curator Clem Devine to bring it together in the best way and to diplomatically but firmly make decisions on what, and what not, to show. Paint was a factor common to all the work.

In the NEW series (February – May, 2002), Enjoy sought to encourage work exploring the concept of youth, popularity and notions of authenticity. Works addressed the production of popular culture and the particular ways in which the new is conceived, packaged and presented.

Curated by Clem Devine