Heart of Glass

August 2018

Heart of Glass

Isabella Dampney, Theo Macdonald

Heart of Glass
Edited by Louise Rutledge
Design: Gemma Banks
Text: Christina Barton, Isabella Dampney and Theo Macdonald, Bryce Galloway, Li-Ming Hu and Daphne Simons, Jackson Nieuwland, Matt Ritani, Isabelle Sully, Leafa Wilson

Edition of 100
ISBN 978-0-473-44300-9

Published in response to the exhibition Heart of Glass by Isabella Dampney and Theo Macdonald, Heart of Glass brings together a selection of media responses to the exhibition alongside a commissioned texts and interviews by writers from a range of creative disciplines.

Reflecting on the exhibition in relation to art, music, architecture, politics and popular culture, these contributions consider both the effectiveness of the broken window as an aesthetic gesture and the discourse generated by the exhibition. Together, the texts slowly unpack the wealth of references that stem from both the title of the exhibition and its aim of engaging public media.

Printed by Gemma Banks
Soft cover, perfect bound, 145 x 190 mm


Images courtesy of Gemma Banks,