Te Whare Pora: Mata Aho Collective

January 2013

Te Whare Pora

Mata Aho Collective

Edited and designed by Erena Baker, Sarah Hudson, Bridget Reweti and Terri Te Tau.

The concept of Te Whare Pora embodies the idea of a house of learning and is customarily a space for obtaining knowledge pertaining to fibre arts, primarily weaving. The atua of Te Whare Pora is Hineteiwaiwa who holds authority over the arts pursued by women. Over their residency, the artists are interested in engaging with Te Whare Pora from a contemporary perspective and will be using new media to signify its importance within the 21st Century, creating work by extracting and distilling signifiers of the wharenui experience. 

Published on the occassion of Mata Aho Collective's exhibition Te Whare Pora (17 January–9 February 2013) following their Summer Residency with Enjoy.
This publication is now out of print.