repeat performance 2005

12 Sep – 16 Sep 2005

Amy Howden-Chapman, Biddy Livesey, Bryce Galloway, Chris Cudby, Daniel Malone, John Borley, Louise Tulett, Sean Kerr, Shay Launder

As a result of 2004's Performance Week success, we decided to do it again. Enjoy Gallery presented repeat performance 2005, a week dedicated to the exploration of contemporary performance art. In 2005 we invited artists from within and outside Wellington to choose a performance of their own or from history to be re-performed.


The results bring together theatre, music, acrobatics, mimed boxing, photography, narcoleptic episodes and amateur acting. repeat performance 2005 asked whether a moment in time can be repeated, whether the elements of chance often inherent to performance can be planned and replicated, whether the experience of a performance can be conveyed through residual objects and documentation and questions the results of orchestrating a performance from a different city.

By directing stand-ins and doppelgängers of themselves, paying homage to performance artists of the past or by using an already articulated performance as a starting point for re-interpretation, repeat performance 2005 furthered Enjoy Gallery's commitment to experimental temporal art forms.



Bryce Galloway, Night of the Nick Cave Concert, 2005.

Bryce Galloway, Night of the Nick Cave Concert, 2005.

Schedule of performances

Doing Lines 10am - 6pm
Punch Drunk 6pm
by Daniel Malone 

Night of the Nick Cave Concert
readings on the hour between 10am and 3pm
film screening 4-6pm
by Bryce Galloway

Piano for Falling Man 6pm
by Biddy Livesey and Amy Howden-Chapman

'Golden Axe' 6pm
by Chris Cudby 


Throughout the week:
*documentation of a performance
were presented in the gallery for the duration of the week
by Shay Launder and Louise Tulett 

*SHUTEYE spontaneous performances, Auckland
by Sean Kerr

*CARPARK everyday, lunchtime, Cuba Street
by John Borley