Sometime later

3 Oct – 3 Nov 2012

Alice Baxter

Sometime later explores an interest in how an art work can exist as myth or ritual. By delving into a very sited act, such as a pilgrimage to a monument, Baxter’s work investigates the function of our own investment into the notion of the ‘significant moment’.


This work engages with an audience’s willingness to suspend rationality. Taking the moment of arrival at a monument and the ritual of touching—for luck, or for a blessing—as routines that endow a romantic or mythological meaning upon both the work, and the act of reaching it, Sometime later draws upon the accumulation of experience that becomes embedded in the art object. 
The opening of the exhibition will be accompanied by a launch of a new publication by Alice Baxter and Enjoy. Featuring contributions from Ella Sutherland and Sophie Thorn, this publication further extrapolates Baxter’s interest in the audience's interaction with the art object and provides information on the chemical processes that take place with the act of touching bronze.

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Alice Baxter, Sometime later, 2012. Image courtsey of Lance Cash.

Alice Baxter, Sometime later, 2012. Image courtsey of Lance Cash.