The Bright Side

18 Jul – 23 Jul 2000

Chris Clements

The third show of the Viewfinder series involved an installation of fruits and vegetables by Chris Clements.


He used the space created between two windows when one was slid up and over the other as a display space for mandarins, tamarillos, carrots, brussel sprouts and broccoli. The excess fruit and vegetable matter also extended into the space. The show also included source drawings, colour charts, a heater and coloured lights.

The show was playful and sensual with the growing smell of over ripening fruit and the destruction of excess produce by audience and artist. The use of windows as physical spaces within themselves gave a depth to the work upon which the themes of decomposition and domestic product were able to flourish.

The Viewfinder series (July – August 2000) was a series of shows, each lasting one week and revolving around the presence of the five windows in the Enjoy gallery.